The One-off


It’s that one flyer, that one special event, that one piece of signage — you know, the one we try to make special by making it different. We spice up the design, or change our logo a bit, we use new fonts. We want it to stand out and be different than our ‘everyday’ brand.

And sadly, we create a disconnect where we’ve tried to create excitement. We’ve taken our audience away from, rather than toward or brand…by creating a culture clash.

It’s subtle, and sometimes it takes a critical eye, mind and heart to recognize a deviation from our brand culture, and reign things in, but if the goal is to create a strong brand presence, then it’s important.

Respect your brand in the work you do and the people you hire, but also in the art it represents, and that is found in it’s voice, it’s visual representation, and the power of consistency.