Is Measuring Success Worth It? (or, “Spray and Pray, is it OK?”)

Measuring ROI social media

Measuring ROI social media

Whether you pay in DIY hours, in higher project fees, or additional labor, measuring your true ROI on digital marketing isn’t cheap.

Print/mail is easier. A unique special offer code on a postcard makes it relatively easy to track results. Considering that every ‘postcard’ you send out via social media goes out on several platforms, and that you may send many each day, the metrics are more complex, and defining success takes on new dimensions. No longer measured by a purchase or inquiry, now clicks, shares, likes, and other indications of a beating heart in your mass audience also enter the equation.

How do you measure success? Or do you? As always, there is a good part of small business marketing that we ‘know’ we must do, measured or not. We know we need a visual brand, a website, and so on. What part of social media falls into this category? The ‘just do’ category? And which activities fall into your ‘must measure’ or ‘should measure’ category? Continue reading

Source This

Who are those 5% considering ‘social media’ a ‘completely trustworthy source’? Social media may be a trustworthy source for reporting on social media itself, but nothing else. For example, “such and such is trending on twitter.” Other than that, ‘social media’ is not a ‘source’, it’s a medium. A source might provide information via social media — but in this case you are trusting the author/owner of the property, not ‘social media.’ You wouldn’t say ‘television’ is a trusted source, but you would say ‘CNN broadcast news is a trusted source.’
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If you feel like you’re wasting time by reading the whole article, you are reading the wrong thing. Step #1 Find content


“In fact, it doesn’t even matter if the content is consumed, as long as it’s shared. Reading doesn’t generate ad dollars. So whenever you hear a media pundit proclaim, “Long-form journalism is dead!” what they mean to say is “Long-form journalism isn’t lucrative.”
It’s not that people won’t read long-form content, it’s that the nature of digital publishing has seemingly removed any incentive to produce content that takes longer than eight seconds to consume.”

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