If Everybody’s Doing It


When everyone is doing the same thing it’s time to do it better, differently, or do something new. One approach is to relax and be yourself. Be your brand.

When you follow the crowd, the crowd just gets bigger. But what a creative thinker, a strong leader, and a great salesperson all know is that when you focus on what makes your brand unique (ie, your core strength), you have much better odds of connecting with someone who needs and appreciates what you have to offer. And it’s the only chance you have to make something better than all the rest.

I sell fruit but you might like these socks.


Social Media is no different than any other marketing channel. It should be focused on your brand, product, or service. In some way.

And that’s where we get stuck. Social Media forces us to think about our audience interests, our industry, related topics and categories, and even current news and events. It’s our job to decide what stories, information and memes fit our brand and how far afield we should cast our net in an effort to grab attention.


If social media posts were like products on a market shelf, we would find that some brands are running a convenience store, with aspirations of becoming Walmart. They stock everything. They post anything. Their messages sometimes seem related but sometimes seem random or obscure. Continue reading

Oh, Your Listening Ways…


I’ve been thinking a lot about listening lately. It’s an art I used to do much better. Now that I’m older and wiser, it’s hard to listen to someone without the filters of experience and ‘been there, done that’, not to mention keeping my mouth shut and not sharing my self-perceived most-valuable wisdom.


But I know listening well can take me past the limits of my own wisdom, a wisdom defined by my own limited life, and spark new life through connection to others. So I’m thinking about ways to listen, and the ways in which we don’t listen.

The look on your face: you don’t just listen with your ears, you listen with your mind and eyes — and the look on your face. A listening face isn’t scowling or distracted. It’s focused and interested. Continue reading

Do we need Giving? Or Sacrifice?


It’s easier to ask people to give, share, and be a part of something than it is to sacrifice.

When we sacrifice, we don’t take it lightly, because we are losing something in hopes of a good result. It requires thought and commitment. Giving is easier. We give so all can benefit. We help our neighbors by giving what we have an abundance of, knowing that they will do the same. This is life. This is community.


Keep this in mind in making charitable requests, or really any request of others. Life is ALWAYS a circle, and never a straight line.

So, rather than ask people to give something up, ask them to move in your direction with their giving, and remember to close the circle by appreciating, thanking, and truly respecting the giver, the decision to give, and the gift.

And then give back.

Institutional Heart


They say institutional memory is important, but in practice it’s only important until it’s not. New people with new systems can obliterate the need for it. This can be a good thing: growing pains; or not, producing loss of quality and other baddies.

But institutional heart is another matter. It involves the memory of what caused an organization to became successful. It’s the memory of those tiny slices of life — the interactions and the feelings behind them that resulted in strong connections to a target audience.

When organizations grow and lose their institutional heart, they can become hated instead of loved. This is often viewed as a necessary evil of growth and aggressiveness in business — but it just ain’t so. All it takes is the identification of the people in the organization who are perceived by the customer or community as the heart and soul of the organization — the ones who make us remember why we’re here in the first place. I’d bet that nine times of out ten these people pull their weight and are loyal to the cause. These are the folks who should be protected when change is in the air — the babies in the bathwater.

Who holds the heart to your institution? If you don’t know — ask a customer — they do.

I love the way you Work It.


workloveI really enjoy my work, actually.

But I can’t take the label ‘work’ away from it.

Loving your work doesn’t mean that you are at a party when you go to work. Work is still work. It’s a striving for something, and often a very serious undertaking that means much personal sacrifice.

That’s a good thing for someone who was born when I was — when loving work itself was something that could help you through the pearly gates. Not so good, though, for the new generations who require a job to fulfill a destiny and all earthly and heavenly desires. Maybe that’s a heavy burden to put on one’s job.

I’m still hoping my work counts towards something meaningful, if not to fulfill my destiny, then to help someone else fulfill theirs. Anything to move the planet in the right direction, even if it’s just a fraction of an inch. After all I’m one in billions of people, and a little trickle of a stream probably has more significance than I do. But it’s nice to have those moments of pure enjoyment at work, just because. Wishing you the same.

The Business Plan is not Enough


sunglassesThe business plan is worthless without the ‘Why’. The reasons.

When things feel disconnected from the ‘why’, take a step back and connect with nature. Nature talks to us in a very simple language, and gets us back to basic principals of life: the beauty of it, the immediacy of it, and the force that propels us forward. And you always have nature with you. You are part of nature. Closing your eyes in meditation is an instant connection to nature.

There are no rules for your reasons why. You don’t have to be a superhero, you don’t have to do it for a cause, or for others (although you can). You don’t need a coach to give you your reasons (unless you want one). Your reasons can be freedom, enjoyment, learning, art, the fun of the chase — whatever comes naturally to you. They just have to be uncovered and acknowledged and the energy will come. The beauty is in finding the place and purpose meant only for you. By doing this you can’t help but to  make the world a better place.

You have to go inside yourself to get outside yourself. By being as ‘you’ as you can be, you’ll find and connect with others who share your goals. You’ll be inspired naturally, and creativity will invade your business. You’ll feel connected to your business plan again.