I love the way you Work It.


workloveI really enjoy my work, actually.

But I can’t take the label ‘work’ away from it.

Loving your work doesn’t mean that you are at a party when you go to work. Work is still work. It’s a striving for something, and often a very serious undertaking that means much personal sacrifice.

That’s a good thing for someone who was born when I was — when loving work itself was something that could help you through the pearly gates. Not so good, though, for the new generations who require a job to fulfill a destiny and all earthly and heavenly desires. Maybe that’s a heavy burden to put on one’s job.

I’m still hoping my work counts towards something meaningful, if not to fulfill my destiny, then to help someone else fulfill theirs. Anything to move the planet in the right direction, even if it’s just a fraction of an inch. After all I’m one in billions of people, and a little trickle of a stream probably has more significance than I do. But it’s nice to have those moments of pure enjoyment at work, just because. Wishing you the same.