The Business Plan is not Enough


sunglassesThe business plan is worthless without the ‘Why’. The reasons.

When things feel disconnected from the ‘why’, take a step back and connect with nature. Nature talks to us in a very simple language, and gets us back to basic principals of life: the beauty of it, the immediacy of it, and the force that propels us forward. And you always have nature with you. You are part of nature. Closing your eyes in meditation is an instant connection to nature.

There are no rules for your reasons why. You don’t have to be a superhero, you don’t have to do it for a cause, or for others (although you can). You don’t need a coach to give you your reasons (unless you want one). Your reasons can be freedom, enjoyment, learning, art, the fun of the chase — whatever comes naturally to you. They just have to be uncovered and acknowledged and the energy will come. The beauty is in finding the place and purpose meant only for you. By doing this you can’t help but to  make the world a better place.

You have to go inside yourself to get outside yourself. By being as ‘you’ as you can be, you’ll find and connect with others who share your goals. You’ll be inspired naturally, and creativity will invade your business. You’ll feel connected to your business plan again.


Thank you Rising Stars!


The 2015 Rising Stars Celebration was fantastic. Thanks to everyone who worked on the event, to our sponsors, and to the awardees for earning their place on the stage.

Malaga Corp. is a proud sponsor of this annual event, and I thoroughly enjoy working on the program and video each year. Watch, and find out what this awesome event is all about:


It’s never too soon to think about sponsoring the 2016 Rising Stars event and scholarships. Help us provide scholarships to more of the awardees next year! Contact me for more info.

-Malaga Smith, BOSS Board Member and proud sponsor



Each year BOSS, through the Rising Stars program, provides scholarships to selected awardees at the Annual Rising Stars Celebration event. Scholarships are announced at the event.

If you don’t know about BOSS, find out more about the organization, and all the programs you can support, county-wide (Alameda County).