Judge Tauber reflects on visits to the UN, Australia, and the Asian Pacific Islands

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“As the newly elected President of NADCP, I presented at the United Nations Headquarters as well as the U.N. Campus in Vienna on several occasions in the 1990′s (publishing a manual on International Drug Courts, distributed by my U.N. hosts, “The International Drug Court Handbook”). I had the good fortune to be invited to a Conference in New Delhi, where U.N. policy was to be drafted for the year 2000 “United Nations Conference on the Global Drug problem”. Though the drafting of the resolution was difficult, it ultimately included a section in the policy statement approving court-ordered treatment as an alternative to incarceration (including drug court like structures).” …more

Latest Short from Judge Tauber – No. 7 in a Series: Accomplishing Drug Court Reform without Drug Courts

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‘…In the 1990’s, one of my priorities as NADCP’s founding President, was to see that the nascent drug court field did not collapse into a more punitive and destructive system than that which had existed before. At the time I was painfully aware of the shortcoming of some of our drug courts. Jurisdictions created drug courts for small numbers of offenders, with minimal or nonexistent drug dependence, and an over-reliance on non-therapeutic custodial sanctions. It was a direction that I strongly opposed a…more




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Memory – Precious Fragments


Sentir la confitureOur reflective sides are so complex compared to our active state, where we “just do it.” Reflecting and analyzing our own thoughts, actions, dreams, memories, attitudes, etc. , or the practice of faith or meditation (or drugs) that help us clear our minds of all that complex thinking, can be a full time job for human beings. Each of our human states of being make life interesting, and part of our work is to achieve the right balance for ourselves. Just like diet, it’s different for everyone.

The study of involuntary memory includes three forms of involuntary memory. Continue reading