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San Pablo Economic Development Corporation

MalagaCorp.SanPabloEDCThe San Pablo EDC is a vibrant place, not just because their interior reflects their beautiful brand colors of turquoise, magenta and orange, but also because of the intense focus and deep commitment of the staff to community and the development of the local economy through education and training.

The SPEDC wanted a website that staff could manage easily, and they needed to be able to manage all content areas of the website. They also wanted to provide their community and business members with the benefits of an online membership portal, a member business directory, and other member and sponsor benefits including an easy-to-access event calendar and a Point of Interest (POI) map to support local real estate and make it easy for companies to scout for new locations. A responsive layout was also critical to presenting a good experience, along with an easy solution for translation into various languages.

Malaga Corp., in partnership with Jojo Soriano of, who developed the creative concept and art directed the project, helped SPEDC develop a rich and interactive website to serve the business community. Malaga Corp. provided a content managed system to allow full control of all content areas of the responsive website, including all home page widgets. A shopping/business directory was developed to provide local busiensses with the ability to register and create their member profiles, and a member area for individuals was developed to allow people to register and sign up for workshops and classes online. A Point of Interest map and database was developed to allow SPEDC to show available local real estate along with member businesses markers, and a complex Event Calendar was provided, allowing staff to make updates quickly, and visitors to toggle event categories and view events in an easy-to-read format.

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Customer News


DeYoe Wealth Management


DeYoe Wealth Management is one of the Bay Area’s fastest growing companies and we’re glad they are working to maximize everyone’s “Happiness Dividend!”

DeYoe wanted a fresh new look and a responsive website to accommodate smaller devices, and a Happiness Dividend branded blog. Jonathan DeYoe authors a wealth of articles and video and a new interactive way of accessing them was also a goal.

Malaga Corp. worked with the DeYoe team to create a design that is uniquely ‘DeYoe’, reflecting the DeYoe brand of trust, simplicity, and transparency. The Happiness Dividend Blog was implemented to integrate the ‘HD’ brand, and articles and videos were presented in categorized fly-out tabs, putting more information at people’s fingertips.

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Diversionary Tactics


What are you working on today?

What percentage of your day will be spent on action items that are “part of the plan?” Can you trace today’s actions to a strategy in your marketing or business plan?

Interruptions, delays and changes are normal, and handling them is part of the plan. But recognizing when you’ve been diverted from your own vision is essential to moving forward with your plans, and not someone else’s. Whether you’ve been diverted by external or internal forces, it’s important to recognize when your path has been diverted.

Clues you may have been diverted:

You can’t remember or clearly see your vision — your end game. 

It happens. Life changes and we try hard to focus on our old vision, but layered on top are delays, disappointment and doubt — we can barely see though all the clutter to the vision.

We work hard to get to the vision we’ve invested so much in, instead of crafting a new, realistic dream that truly motivates us.

You don’t really know how your strategy will accomplish the plan…things have changed enough so that the connections aren’t obvious. 

What is your plan? How will you make your dream a reality? If it’s not a strong enough plan, you’ll be easily diverted by advice, criticism, and even your own doubts.

You are working for someone else’s benefit, but not your own.

Of course your job is to help someone else! So if you’re doing that you feel good about it, as you should.

But if you step back and look at the exchange — analyse the outcome vs the object — what is the true benefit to you? (‘Benefit’ defined as something that moves you closer to your dream.) If the benefit to you isn’t what it should be, you’re sacrificing valuable energies that could be spent on new opportunities.

Other hints:

The terrible economy is part of your daily chit chat: If the beating the economy isn’t already a factor in your business plan, make it one.

Technology is an obstacle. It is defeating or confusing or causing delays. Getting a handle on the tools that run your business is important. There is always a way to improve something, even something we know little about. The answer may not be in the technology, but rather in doing the work to find vendors and advisers you can trust.

The solution seems mysterious and not within your grasp. While this may be how you really feel, it doesn’t move your business ahead except by chance. Take the time to get out of your own world to look at it objectively.

Take the time to pinpoint the problems, analyze them, and think of a solution. That’s why you are here in the first place — because you have the bright mind of an entrepreneur. That’s something you never lose. So use it!

By Malaga Smith @2014. Please share with attribute.

Is prohibition over?


Is prohibition over? When the prohibition against alcohol ended, many brands picked up where they left off. They had kept their brands alive in various ways. But there are no trusted, household-word pot brands that will make a comback. It’s a new industry in that sense, so let the naming and messaging begin. This will be interesting. How long before there are TV ads for pot brands? or before you can pick up your favorite brand at the supermarket? Probably not long.