What should something be?


Something pretty is in style till people get bored with it.
Something functional is in style till something more functional comes along.
Something beautiful doesn’t care if it’s in style or not …People will come. 

If you feel like you’re wasting time by reading the whole article, you are reading the wrong thing. Step #1 Find content


“In fact, it doesn’t even matter if the content is consumed, as long as it’s shared. Reading doesn’t generate ad dollars. So whenever you hear a media pundit proclaim, “Long-form journalism is dead!” what they mean to say is “Long-form journalism isn’t lucrative.”
It’s not that people won’t read long-form content, it’s that the nature of digital publishing has seemingly removed any incentive to produce content that takes longer than eight seconds to consume.”

The dirty secret about online content and shrinking attention spans | Articles | Media Relations


Good Read Coming – 1963: The Year of Hope and Hostility


This Will be a good read:

‘In the early morning hours of June 12, 1963, NAACP Field Secretary for Mississippi, Medgar Wiley Evers, pulled into his driveway, having just met with NAACP attorneys developing strategies to deconstruct the state’s Jim Crow laws.As he emerged from his car, carrying t-shirts that read “Jim Crow Must Go,” white supremacist, Byron De La Beckwith fired a bullet from an Enfield 1917 rifle into Evers back that ricocheted into the house.Evers died 50 minutes later at a local hospital. This tragic event culminated what was one of the most event-filled 24 hours in American history.

Byron Williams is a columnist, author, and pastor, his forthcoming book “1963: The Year of Hope and Hostility” will be released July 16.’