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What is marketing? It means something a little different to each of our clients, but we're here to help -- we have the tools for almost any job! Most of the projects we work on happen to be web development, event promotion, direct mail, and the usual assortment of marketing services, but these clients gave us something new to think about...

Rising (maybe shooting?) Stars

Building Opportunities for Self-Sufficience (BOSS) wanted to honor the youth in our community who have made it through the struggle of graduating high school with more than just the average difficulties of growing up, including homelessness and person tragedy and challenge. Malaga Corp. helped brand BOSS's First Annual Rising Stars Awards event by developing a fun and colorful event brand and materials, and a powerful video that was shown at the event. Thank you BOSS and Rising Stars -- it was a great pleasure to work with you! See more

A Big Dream

The Berkeley Martin Luther King Jr. Day Celebrtation committee came to us with a big dream. The dream was to bring the Berkeley community together to raise concsiousness about civil rights, and to support and mentor our young leaders. The committee represents the faith based community, our civic leaders, the Berkeley Police Department, the Mayor's office, the UCB Chancellor's office and others who shared this important vision. Malaga Corp. approached this project as an annual event, assuming success and growth, and developed core event branding and materials, along with a unique collectible annual program and award design featuring a different MLK creative illustration each year. Sponsors loved the glass award plaques and continuing sponsors will have a series they can proudly display. The 1st Annual event received great media attention and 250 attendees. The 2nd Annual event almost doubled to 450 attendees, and the group is anticipating a larger crowd next year. Well done MLK Committee!! Thank you for letting Malaga Corp. be a part of your dream. See more

Fun and Games

A game designer wanted to create a game for children ages 2-6 that involved 60 characters. We developed general characteristics and styles for these animal and human characters and for other supplemental game objects, then provided uniquely illustrated game files ready for manufacture.

An Inn with a View

The Rose Garden Inn wanted to improve the courtyard wall murals which were worn from age. We brought in Gwen McShepard, long time Malaga Corp. partner and professional and prolific muralist and commercial artist. Gwen has fans and murals throughout the country. Together we developed a concept for 6 large wall murals and several additional smaller panels which Gwen painted over the next few months. It's worth a trip to the Rose Garden to sip a cup of tea and enjoy Gwen's murals!

Get on the Bus

Our partner, Silvani Transportation, needed to help their client provide building tenants with transit and shuttle information for Sierra Point. We worked with Wendy Silvani to develop a branded lobby kiosk solution using original illustration to create layered area transit maps showing routes, timetables and helpful information for various modes of transportation including high speed transit, freeway corridors, hiking and biking trails, ferry service and shuttle routes.


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