Getting Started

Getting started with Automating Business Systems

Most computer users are already using some type of automation -- in fact any software program is automation. But what about using software to support your unique business model or parts of it?

Just as each business is unique in terms of its size, niche, business model, and belief system, so will it's possible solutions for automating differ. Some businesses may lend themselves well to ready made systems for automating business processes and others may require or prefer tailor made solutions, or a hybrid.

Here we give some simple steps to start with when considering automation.

Choosing Tasks to Automate

  • Determine the automation task that will result in the highest return on investment

  • Determine the automation task that will result in the most immediate cash flow increase.

Finding the right solutions

  • Ready made software applications

  • Tailor made programs

Other issues to consider

  • People - what happens when time is freed up? Is there a program in place to move people to perform more valuable roles such as analysis or managment of systems?
  • Are there associated hardware costs that come with automating the system, such as backup systems or high speed lines?
  • Will there be an adjustment period? Are there training costs?


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