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What is a Content Managed System?

Communications Team Content Managed System

EASY:  The Communications Team Content Manager was built in response to customer complaints about the complex usability of other CMS systems. CTcms provides the functionality a small business requires through and easy to use admin interface, including a WYSIWYG editor.

SOPHISTICATED:  CTcms is a unique hybrid. Unlike other CMS's ours allows tailoring of both design and functionality. You aren't stuck in a templated system. This means your website is designed especially for your brand, and the functionality is adjusted to accommodate your needs.

OUT OF THE BOX FUNCTIONALITY: CTcms allows you to add and edit an unlimited number of pages up to 3 levels deep. It's easy to upload and link images, video, pdfs more. You can add unlinked pages..

EASY ON THE BUDGET: CTcms is affordable. Our low monthly fees are based on usage and scope of your website. And no more maintenance fees when you are able to update your own content easily and efficiently.  

NO WAITING: With the CTcms you update your content instantaneously and at a time that is convenient to you -- day or night it's ready to roll.

PRICED RIGHT: The CTcms is priced for your business. Whether you're an Entrepeuner or a Small Business you'll find a fit.

How to order the Communications Team Content Management System

Call us at 1-877-477-7847 to order or discuss your needs. Or you can use our webform to briefly discuss the goal of your site and your design needs and let us know how you would like to be contacted.


What is Content Management?


What is CMS? A Content Management System allows you to update your content via a web browser interface.

Why do I need a CMS? If you update your content regularly and have the resources to commit to making your own updates, then a CMS is the way to go. If you are short on time and would rather have us update your content for you, then a CMS is not necessary.

Are all CMS's the same? There are many, many CMS's available. There are opensource systems and proprietary systems. Their features and benefits can vary widely. Some are easy to use, some require a steeper learning curve. Some allow management of pages and images, some of other objects, such as "call outs" and calendars. Some allow you to choose from a set of templates, some allow tailored templates. Some are blog or ecommerce based. Some allow multiple users with varying permissions to update content as a team, and some are geared toward a single user.

Which CMS is right for me? If you have complex content management needs, talk to us about which CMS fits those needs. If you want an easy to use CMS that gives you all the functionality you need for your business website, and provides a design unique to your brand, consider the CTcms


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