Our initial recommendations include general specifications and costs for the products and services that can best help you achieve your goals. How do we arrive at our recommendations? Together.

Once we start on a project together, here's what happens:

1. We meet to discuss details of the planned projects, and creative ideas.

2. Your projects are broken down by task and scheduled.

3. Your projects and tasks are input and we provide you with your online login so that you can get an overview of our work at any point in time.

4. We start work. We schedule your deadlines as well as ours, and we provide reminders and assistance to do everything possible to stay on schedule.

5. We schedule review meetings periodically to ensure you are happy with the direction your projects are taking, and to provide a chance for feedback and discussion.

6. We provide frequent short status reports via email.

7. When your project(s) are complete we send a Project Completion form outlining the initial project plan and the final results, including tasks, hours, and costs.

8. We contact you periodically to ask about the success of your project and the results vs the goals of the specific marketing devices we've helped you to implement.

10. We look forward to working with you long term to build success, finding the marketing devices that work for your business as changes occur and new factors come into play.  Contact us.




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