Systems Automation

Automating tasks can help free up time for managing the direction of the business, support higher sales goals, and cut costs to improve profits. How can Malaga Corp. help?

  • Many manual tasks that are repetitive in some way can be, in whole or in part, automated. Through analyzing the detailed steps of a task and translating those steps into programming logic, software applications, large or small, can be developed to automate these processes.
  • Examples of small tasks that can be automated are: Word templates that automatically format or insert content, or provide other shortcuts using VBA macros or programming, and automation of moving content from a form to a database. There are as many ways to automate as there are ways of performing the tasks you're currently performing manually.
  • Examples of larger tasks that can be automated are: Complex systems for moving information, repurposing information, providing control panels for linking automated tasks, and on and on. These often apply to procedures that are performed on a monthly or quarterly basis, such as payroll and reporting and can include multiple platforms, programming languages, and security levels.


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