Graphic Design

Why Design Matters

Marketing and promotional materials are a large part of your business "face". Creativity, design quality, and materials all speak volumes about your brand. Malaga Corp. works to understand your project and provide a process that allows creativity to soar. 

  • Business Cards/Letterhead/Envelopes
  • Brochures/Rate Cards/Product Sheets
  • Post Cards/Ad Cards/Flyers/Posters
  • Email Blasts
  • Media Kits
  • Menus
  • Newsletters/Magazines/Directories
  • Print Ads

Web Design

Developing a large scale website is an undertaking that involves many areas of expertise, not least of which are graphic and content design. Color, layout, photos, illustrations, and other graphic elements help guide your visitor through many levels of content intuitively. Good content design insures your visitors have a clear path to your message. Malaga Corp. gives you both.

Corporate Identity

Part of corporate identity projects involve the development of corporate colors, logos, marks, and other standardized graphics. Development of an identity manual includes specifications and descriptions of graphic design elements, in addition to branding philosophy, requirements, restrictions and many other areas specific to each business. Malaga Corp. once again provides you with the total solution, addressing each subject that is important to your business, and compiling a corporate identity document that includes writing and graphic design.

Large Format (posters, signage)

Large format design usually has to be good the first time. Effective signage requires experience and vision. Malaga Corp. understands the small details that make the big stuff work: 

Tradeshow Signage
Outdoor Signage

Let's talk about how this service can help you prepare or create the next great opportunity!


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