The Real Story

Malaga Corp. started in good times. Picture it: The year, 1995. The place, San Francisco. Montgomery Street. Suits and heels. And a little side job making and selling a new thing called a website. On a thing called the internet.

I hate to interrupt our reverie so soon, but I guess we better scooch forward about five years.

Malaga Smith had just, unknowingly, been hired by a company soon to be out of business. In two weeks to be exact. Welcome to your new job! Bye! Luckily this single mom of four teens at the time had her side business to fall back on. And boy, did she fall...all the way. She vowed never to work for corporate thieves again! If she was going to win or fail, she'd do it for herself. it was...the beginning of the dot come bust. Margins were slim and dreams were dying. Right around the corner was the real estate bust. It was a very good time... to learn how to help organizations who faced severe challenges. 

Business grew, strategic partnerships were developed, life-long relationships were born. And Malaga helped others along the way. After over ten years serving the local chamber, she thought she would give them a break from all those bright ideas. And once the statute of limitations has run out, she'll be back! Social Justice took front and center stage in the back of her mind and she noticed that her mother was most proud of her service to non-profits. She had been waiting for clues, and this seemed like a decent one. 

So here is where we meet. You looking for a little marketing help, or perhaps a looking for people who are doing great things, perhaps performing miracles, running organizations that include social justice in some form as a core value, and who are open to upping their game. And what is the game they are upping? There are about a thousand keywords to express it, but I don't know which ones get your heart racing. Positioning, branding, messaging, marketing, developement, PR...but they all mean one thing: getting your ideas across. All the way across. 

Every organization brings with it a unique set of circumstances and story, even a unique language. Malaga Corp. exists to help them write the next chapter. 


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